Setting up for growth is a full-time job in itself.  For many entrepreneurs, simply assembling the infrastructure to support their new concept is a discouraging, overwhelming process.  This is especially true for those who are new to the startup world.

Remediare has assembled all of the supporting infrastructure that most companies need to establish themselves, to grow or to go through the process of spinning off a section of themselves as a new enterprise.


Thinking of setting up a company?  -  Are you expanding?  -  Looking to spin off part of your company?


Case Studies


Halving delivery costs and doubling the top line revenue of a multi-line Hong Kong IT Services Firm

Human Potential

Launching two new lines of business within a Hong Kong / China Psychometric Evaluation Provider

Team Building Asia

Doubling the delivery capacity and opening three new distribution channels for an ASEAN Team Building Provider with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai


Dramatically expanding the eCommerce potential of a French Luxury Cosmeceutical Firm

Brown Capital Partners

Business processes mapped and optimized.  Expanded overseas reach into 5 new countries.  Created online and social media Internet presence.