Halving delivery costs and doubling the top line revenue of a multi-line Hong Kong IT Services Firm


Human Potential

Launching two new lines of business within a Hong Kong / China Psychometric Evaluation Provider


Team Building Asia

Doubling the delivery capacity and opening three new distribution channels for an ASEAN Team Building Provider with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai



Dramatically expanding the eCommerce potential of a French Luxury Cosmeceutical Firm


Brown Capital Partners

Business processes mapped and optimized.  Expanded overseas reach into 5 new countries.  Created online and social media Internet presence.

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Our Story

Remediare is an SME focused management consultancy that works closely with businesses striving for the next level of success.  We are a positive, experienced force of professionals who help corporate leaders envision and accomplish change, prepare for the next round of investment funding (or sell their company) or bridge gaps in talent that are preventing them from moving ahead with their commercial agenda.

Remediare's greatest strength is in assisting organizations to visualize, plan and adopt growth strategies they never would have thought of (or been able to execute on) without our involvement.  A typical Remediare consultant is a financially independent, semi-retired working person who has decided they want more of a balance between life and work, recreation and action.  For our consultants, working with clients is a pleasure, passion and vocation as opposed to an obligation, a rung on some corporate ladder or a means of making ends meet.  Because of this, our consultants can be more free in terms of their advisory and have more tools available to help our clients than some of our competitors.

Remediare is different from other consultancies in the sense that we do more for our clients than just produce a set of pretty but dust-gathering reports or reccomendations.  We help leaders change the way they think about their business by encouraging them to visualize, plan for and then achieve the fullest potential of their circumstances.  We often have to help the organizations we work with (especially in the middle and lower ranks) to overcome defeatist, convenient or blinkered thinking.  Our ultimate goal is to help the entire organization realize that they are not prisoners of their pedigree or their past, that the only time that really matters is right now and that the range of opportunities they face is just the beginning.

On a practical level, we help organizations to strategize against and overcome constraints, real or perceived.  We help our clients to document, systematize and optimize their operating models.  We our customers to prepare for and accept investment funding.  While our duties are normally limited to a part-time involvement, the intensity of our mandates can sometimes be quite deep.  Remediare consultants are fully capable of temporarily assuming the acting responsibilities of an empty operating role should the situation (and the client) require it.

A normal Remediare mandate lasts from 12 to 24 months.  They always feature a Lead Consultant who works very closely with the client.  The Lead Consultant acts primarily as a business coach and sounding board for the owners or management with the selective involvement of other members of the Remediare team on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose Remediare?  Because we've already been there.  We know your situation well:

  • All of us are current or former business owners or senior executives
  • All of us have survived economic upturns and (more importantly) economic downturns
  • All of us have faced down the issues that commonly kill a business:
    • Loss of key Human Resources
    • Cash flow Issues
    • Deadbeat Customers
    • Crippling Bad Debt
    • Predatory Customers
    • Toxic Contracts
    • Bad Strategy

We've been there.  We understand.  We can help. 


Remediare is a lucky accident. 

In early 2008, having recently returned from overseas, the founder was working for Purple Squirrel, helping major Independent Financial Advisors in Hong Kong open new business opportunities.  In the midst of helping the largest IFA in Hong Kong promote China oriented investment vehicles (WOFE) to American manufacturers and importers, he came across a technology company that had developed the EDM (mass email software) for his client.

That initial, accidental business contact blossomed into a relationship that evolved from an observation phase to a consulting phase to a senior operationg position over the next couple of years.  Friendships were made.  Many problems resolved.  Great things achieved.  Large amounts of money earned by everyone concerned.

Realizing that he really enjoys this mode of working,  the Founder sought other opportunities along the same lines.  Having secured other, similar contracts in Q4 2009, Remediare was born. 

Remediare cares about and works intensively with Entrepreneurs and SME businesses, following the same broad methodology established by that first successful mandate found by accident in Q1 2008.